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The officer initiated pursuit and was joined after Missoula County sheriff deputies. Imagine how it would feel to be trapped all night in your truck in a mountain snowstorm, with a wind chill of 70 degrees below zero outside.That’s what happened to a Wyoming Department of Transportation plow driver last December.Temperatures have been dipping into the single digits, along with ice and snow covering the ground it could take a toll on your furry friend.The Maclean Animal Adoption Center has a few key tips to keeping milo and Otis warm this winter.After many fund raisers, November third being their most recent, Rita Rowe-Watson Vice President of the Board of Directors said the out pouring of support from the community has been almost unimaginable.

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A woman involved in a vehicle pursuit potentially faces numerous charges that could include: failure to yield, felony theft, evading police, stolen vehicle, DUI and other charges that the investigation could reveal. when the officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop.

The vehicle refused to stop and went onto the interstate to travel west bound.

They say the first thing you must do is always keep your pets sheltered.

even if your cat or dog loves being outdoors, limit it as much as possible.