" with Bryan Cranston ("Malcolm in the Middle") as a paramedic are the highlights of the remaining deleted sequences.

"The Unknown Soldier" with Bernie Casey, Wallace Langham, Robert Loggia, and Ronnie Cox, is painfully unfunny and belonged on the cutting room floor.

There are a number of bizarre additions here: besides the original opening to the spoof AMAZON WOMEN (with a "scientist" introducing the film) and a deleted Sybil Danning-Steve Forrest love scene from said "feature," Dick Miller fans will enjoy seeing "The French Ventriloquist's Dummy," with ventriloquist Miller appearing on-stage without his favorite dummy.

Jenny Agutter as a flying 'Cleopatra' in "Peter Pan Theater" and an additional scene to "Roast Your Loved One!

Marc Mc Clure is sold a Video Date tape by perv video clerk Russ Meyer, but fantasy woman Corinne Wahl's boyfriend Andrew Dice Clay surprises them "mid-coitus"! Fans of 50s schlock will love this homage, with a planet dangling by a wire, cheesy special effects, and stilted sexiest dialogue.

All these surround the title film, AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON, a takeoff on 50s sci-fi flicks, borrowing heavily from QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE with Zsa Zsa Gabor. And don't forget to sit through the credits, as there's a great 30s roadshow spoof starring Carrie Fisher as "damaged goods" and the late Paul Bartel as a deathly serious doctor!

Joe Pantoliano hosts a hair looming commercial specializing in stapling carpet to bald heads; character actor Stanley Brock is a satisfied customer! Rosanna Arquette does a background check on blind date Steve Guttenberg and discovers his nasty dating habits!

Mello and Matt shared a room at wammys, but generally Near was there as well, usually beating Matt at video games or helping Mello study.Weiss group commentary, which is a pity as at least Landis and Dante both are masters of the medium, but there's still plenty here to keep fans of this cult classic happy.All in all, this is one of those video staples that would surprise unsuspecting viewers in the golden age of video and the laughs have aged like fine wine.A review can't convey the nifty surprises and little brilliant touches throughout the movie, but take it from me, it's a successfully funny hodgepodge of film references and homages that will hopefully find a larger cult following through this DVD re-release.The anamorphic widescreen presentation of the film is for the most part pretty good-looking; there's grain where there should be during the black-and-white sequences, but all the colorful sketches (AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON especially) are just gorgeous.