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She knows for sure that Scott Disick isn’t the right man for her but there’s nothing she can do other than get the tissues ready for when the relationship hits the fan.It’s said that the Richie household is being as supportive as they can be.Meeting new people and providing feedback on those meetings helps Nicole hone her skills for her making that ideal introduction.Proud to represent her clients, she chooses carefully who she represents assuring her process is one you can trust.Here are some photos from David & Nicole's crazy Geocaching experiences!

Her ability to really listen to her client’s desires of their most compatible partner is testament in her proven success and track record for turning Vermont singles into happy couples!Along with his extensive technical design background in computers, programming and technical writing, there is no author more qualified to write the definitive practical guide to Internet dating.David is a highly sort after Internet dating expert, and provides advice to individuals, groups, the media, and Internet dating web sites.The Art of Internet Dating is his first non-technical self help book.David has been intensely involved in Internet dating from its early days.