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Users can add and delete their registrations via the web.Net Reg also serves as the base for the DHCP and IP database systems for managing IP address assignment.You can duplicate the course and retain content, policies and start and due dates, or edit them as you see fit. Q: My view of Connect looks different than the Student View. We’ve rolled out an updated look & feel and advanced features to our student users.

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Courtesy Access is particularly useful for students who are awaiting financial aid and for those who may drop the class. Simply login with the same username and password you used to register and choose to: Purchase Full Connect Access Here. Obtain the course-specific URL provided by your instructor, enter it into your browser and follow the prompts. Q: I'm taking multiple courses within Connect, and I've noticed that the interface looks different from course to course. This means that an updated look & feel and certain features are only available within the newest Connect programs and within select disciplines.Q: My students and I are new to Connect and the first day of class is fast approaching. A: Our dedicated Implementation Consultants will partner with you and guide you and your students toward success with Connect.Implementation Consultants offer personalized, one-on-one training and customized resources for you and your students.It also allows you to store your mailing information – privacy protected, of course – so that you needn't enter it every time you'd like to receive a new brochure, receive an email or learn more about our special promotions, new destinations or the latest Tauck headline news! And remember, Tauck never shares your information with any other company or organization.For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Guest Connect click here.