Normal people dating celebrities

Lügenpresse German for "lying press." The term predates the Nazi period, but was used heavily in their propaganda to discredit the media.

The word has been revived by the alt-right to describe the mainstream media as purveyors of fake news.

Centipedes A self-adopted term for some Trump supporters.

It’s a reference to a You Tube series called "Can't Stump the Trump" that mashed up footage of President Trump in a Republican debate with audio from a nature documentary about a centipede killing a tarantula.

Bogpilled To become aware ("pilled," a term derived from "redpilled," described below) of the Bogdanoff brothers.

The joke is that Pepe is a modern incarnation of Kek, and fans of Pepe worship him.The kinds of people who hang out in spaces like 4chan or 8chan tend to also be big anime fans.Like many of the items on this list, this idea occupies a constantly moving point on the irony spectrum.#HWNDU The hashtag used by Shia La Beouf's “He Will Not Divide Us” livestream project, wherein people could go up to a camera outside a museum in Queens and say an anti-Trump message.This quickly became an IRL trolling destination for the alt-right.