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On Wednesday morning, Anonymous seriously upped the ante.(SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO) The famed hacker group has been protesting BART since the organization shut off cell phone service in stations to avert a demonstration on August 11.

"But I will say that I condemn anyone who attacks an individual and invades their privacy. And that is all I have to say about that." BART was previously unaware of the photos.

This whole projective process is further exaggerated by our capacity for fantasy and the inherently titillating nature of the image of a celebrity like Marilyn in flagrante.

In this way, my productions, charged with desire, have become more real than the real life model they are based on, evolving into a ‘mental image’ rather than a direct record of reality’ The staged photograph was later “leaked” by Anonymous.

After the attacker clicks on the Add button, they are taken back to the main screen.

The attacker can then adjust the THREADS number if desired to further increase the strength of the attack.