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In 2015, the web saw mobile access edge past desktop usage for the first time ever.This has massively impacted the designers of the world, who have rushed to adapt to the quickly shifting landscape.In short, their aim was to elevate the trendiness of flat design beyond its kitschy trappings, and incorporate depth, shading, and movement to an otherwise lifeless 2D universe.Though the design system is far too vast to go into any great detail here, designers would do well to incorporate the concepts laid out in Though web content is now largely driven by imagery, typography has made a strong comeback in recent years.Guests will also find balconies or patios, living rooms, and dining areas. Fantastic location close to nightlife, public transportation, restaurants, etc.There are now so many types of devices ranging in screen size and resolution that it would be impossible to accommodate them all.

While strong colors should be used selectively, including vivid accents will prove to be a long-term trend over the coming years.

For years the much-scorned Arial reigned supreme on the web, followed for a time by other sans serif upstarts.

But since the advent of Google Fonts, designers have had a veritable smorgasbord of type options at their disposal.

With the new majority of users electing to browse the web from their couch or passenger seat, the time to make the shift to responsive design is now.

When creating a responsive framework, make sure your layouts are defined by percentages, rather than static pixel dimensions.