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Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) is a three-unit nuclear power plant station located in Buchanan, New York, just south of Peekskill.It sits on the east bank of the Hudson River, about 36 miles (58 km) north of Midtown Manhattan.Entergy sells the rest of Indian Point's output to utilities in upstate NY and elsewhere in New England.Although many states with similarly sized nuclear industries are net electricity exporters, New York has historically been an electricity importer due to its high consumption.Both reactors use uranium dioxide fuel of no more than 4.8% U-235 enrichment.

Entergy invested million in the refueling and other related projects for Unit 3, of which million went to employee salaries.In 2014, Entergy paid million in state and local property taxes.The total tax revenue (direct and secondary) was nearly 0 million to local, state, and federal governments.This employment creates another 2,800 jobs in the five-county region, and 1,600 in other industries in New York, for a total of 5,400 in-state jobs.Additionally, another 5,300 indirect jobs are created out of state, creating a sum total of 10,700 jobs throughout the United States.