Nymphenburg porcelain dating marks

Please contact me if you are interested in seeing a photo of it - it's in perfect condition with wood skis and poles.

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Retailers - especially those who are prepared to hold stocks indefinitely - put very high price tags on and then hope for the best.

pottery mark query Alsatian Dog Figurine - H Mark Within a House Backstamp:- I was given a porcelain Alsatian that my mother picked up in Germany in 1946 but the piece may date from an earlier period.

The mark is in the shape of a house with an upper floor.

I would then see if I could do the same on is the online marketing aggregater for many hundreds of city and provincial auction-houses in the USA, UK and Europe.

I am not sure if they have a 'save a search' function like e Bay, but I do know they have a great search function for upcoming lots. Peter (admin) I've been trying to find out what maker was attributed to the house with an H and Cat. My piece was handed down by my mother which is of Madonna and child which she bought, if I have this right, when she went to Oberammergau to see the Passion Play in the 1930's whilst still at school.

Nymphenburg porcelain dating marks