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The Old Opera house will also be transformed to its originality in the first half of the last century.The European Capital is a programme for Malta to flourish and people will be more aware of these activities happening in our capital city Valletta.MUŻA will relocate to the Auberge d’Italie, a historic building dating back to the late sixteenth century and used as the seat and residence of the Italian knights of the Order of St John.

There will be various activities jazz music, cabaret, theatre, and others- Muza Venue: Valletta Muza will be the new museum location for the National Museum for Fine Arts at the Auberge d’Italie where there will be various displays regarding various subjects.

This will attract many people who love music, art, dance, theatre and literature.

The planning of this festival will be for all to meet and speak with the artists.

Short plays, literary readings and mini-concerts will be held.

Modelling sessions in clay will be held every weekend.