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The most contentious issue after the economy seemed to be about immigration.As a naturalised british citizen who migrated to this country as kid 26 years ago, I feel I have to put question to to the forum about these ' illegals' particularly about what Nick Clegg said about an amnesty.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

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Nick Clegg even asked a reporter "how are you going to deport 900,000 people when you dont even know where they live? My question is,if they are here and we cant kick them out and wont grant some sort of amnesty,what do we do with them?

Do we pretend that 'one million people' dont exist? There is no solution really, it is hard to deport people who have already settled here and are working in the illegal market or criminal underground.

Especially with our lax border control people just keep coming back.

History warns us from the Powell 1968 Birmingham speech that when the concerns of the public and MP's talking on behalf of their constituents concerns are ignored and silenced by fear of being labelled something they are not then we will have the very situation we have today.personally I don't think it's the illegal immigrants we should be worrying about - in my experience, those that are here illegally are NOT a drain on our social services.

They all work, often at 2-3 jobs, they pay rent to private landlords, they can't register with doctors and so have to pay to go private if they fall ill, and very often their children do not go to school for fear of detection.