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Getting a legitimate online note from the doctor may prove tough, if you do not have a regular doctor or medical personnel to consult or if you have a condition that does not warrant its issuance.

The other reasons arise from the inability to get best printable online doctor's note in good time and lacking hospital fees to pay for the doctor to get the diagnosis information.

However, if the online medical excuse is not coming from a doctor, the form is best described as a phony doctor's note.

Sites that offer best excuse notes usually provide a template that must be filled with proper information before printing.

The address on your note must also correlate with your place of residence to avoid suspicion.

Although some people may get off work using a poorly written free note, the use free unprofessional hospital note can land you into serious problems.

For example, if you use a free excuse that states you have flu, you can be out of work or school for 3 days.

However, such an excuse can best pass up unnoticed during the flu season.