Pages not updating wordpress

How about signed in and then gone to the homepage to find that you’re no longer signed in, but when you go to another post on the site you’re suddenly signed in again? In this article we’ll take a look at how to clear your Word Press cache. In our world of fast-loading websites we all know the benefits of using cache to reduce server load for our scripts and images.Unfortunately this can sometimes cause issues such as not showing your latest updates.

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You may be able to clear it in your host’s options settings.

Even some security plugins that provide a firewall layer of protection will have cache.

If you’re website is hosted by a Word Press Managed hosting then they might not allow cache plugins to install.

This is a good option if your updates take too long to be recognized by the browser. To clear this cache go to Sucuri Security in the dashboard, select .

It is possible that your host is using cache plugins on the server even without telling you.

Pages not updating wordpress