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He was booted from the Fox show because producers said he hadn't disclosed his arrest record when joining the competition.He later became known for claiming to have had an affair with then- contestants who filed a petition at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requesting permission to sue the program's producers for racial discrimination, allegedly emanating from the mistreatment of black contestants by asking about arrest history.Simon Cowell has confessed he fancies fellow 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul - but wouldn't sleep with her because of the awkward morning after. The multi-millionaire star, currently auditioning for the fourth series of the hit show, revealed: "I loathe it.The acid-tongued star - who is dating model Terri Seymour - openly admits he hated Paula at first, but claims there is now sexual chemistry between the two of them. It's like going to the dentist without anaesthetic.Clark says that as a result of "Fox's sham investigative report," he suffered "tremendous reputational damage," that his record label stopped returning his calls, that people would spit on him in public, that he was served with an eviction notice on his home, that he began living on food stamps and that in 2006, he "reached absolute rock bottom," constructing a rope from bed sheets and attempting to hang himself.Clark now is objecting to defamatory statements allegedly made in the wake of this ordeal, including, he says, an episode of , which he says aired in January 2012 and denied an Abdul relationship with Clark.While the pair didn't make it for the long haul, it was rumored that the now-53-year-old singer wrote her 1989 hit, "Cold Hearted," about the star."You said in an interview once that you would rather give a woman 10 orgasms than get 10 yourself.

Clark's 44-page complaint (read in full here) is heavy on the backstory -- how he was arrested in October 2002 after police responded to a domestic disturbance, how the arrest (he says) was unwarranted, how he auditioned for that month, how he later made the round of semi-finalists and was disqualified, how the alleged affair with Abdul went public and so forth.

Nevertheless, Clark decided to give an interview to ABC News, and the network aired a one-hour special despite allegedly hearing from Abdul's lawyer Marty Singer, who threatened to sue.

Still, he says that the "ABC News special did not disclose the entire story behind the relationship between Abdul and Plaintiff." Later that summer, Fox said that it had retained "independent counsel" to conduct an investigation of the alleged Abdul affair.

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after it was revealed that he had been arrested over an incident that involved his younger sister and a few police officers.