Peavey 5150 serial number dating

I have access to any instrument i want, i can even make my own but this korean version is my main rock guitar...go figure..heres another guitar out of eleven i now own!! i'm enjoying collecting any guitar eddie or sammy had been using thru out there career - hope those two hook up again soon!!The original Ivory Color war removed to reveal a great flame maple top. s/s starts at wg0020...i got it for 2400.....i just bought a 5150 half stack..of my friends owns voodoo amps(tracy davis) and did a mod on it wow....check out his web site Hi All. This guitar is as new i only pulled it out of the case a few times once to record a couple of songs and that's it, it is in mint condition stored in its original case with everything that came with it in a smoke free home since I bought it. The two guitars was a Squire Strat and a early 1980's Kramer Pacer Special (which I regret, it had the best sound, sustain (for a bolt on),play, and feel of any guitar that I've played, even the EVH. It is the first one ever at Dons Green River Music in Auburn, Wa. It is excellent, just normal wear (few dings) minor scratches, yet played alot as main guitar. Best guitar I have ever played or owned,which is why it's not for sale. The red paint is not lined up with the black stripes. It took me several month's of writing letter's to Peavey to get my Wolfgang. And got it for a steal..what they originally had it marked.had been there for about 2 years.

not one mark or polishing swirl on it - the guitar glows!!Next step will be a set of Seymour Duncan pearly gates. The Peavey rep brought me this Wolfgang from the NAMM show in Nashville because I had been waiting so long and apologized.This is a excellent playing guitar now, even if it is Korean made. Got to play this guitar for the first time live on stage that night. The rep told me "Eddie played it because he always plays all his guitars at the shows". Metallic copper rattle-can paint job, stickers, missing parts - looking pretty rough - I think there is a nice guitar in there somewhere.According to the Fender Musical instruments database, this serial number indicates that this is more likely the 20th of these guitars made.Replaced tremolo with a Schaller made in germany Floyd, also had a fret job, sanded the neck down and put gun stock oil on it. Thanks, Tomcat I had to wait a year and a half for my TR and at the time still did not have it and in the mean time ordered this one.