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The verification process may sound tedious, but there’s more to it. Truly Madly assigns percentage to different mediums you log in with.The app won’t allow you to start dating unless you have at least a 30 per cent verification score. For example, I tried to create my account with Gmail id, which gave me only 10 per cent score and I could not log in.They don't alienate us in any way and frankly, are far more relatable than any American show will ever be.This new web series by Y Films has just released two episodes until now and has already got the audience's attention.One needs to obviously create a profile on the app first.You can either log in with your Facebook profile or an e-mail id.

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You will not stop laughing once you start watching this. This Scoop Whoop original web series is about three Delhi University boys who start a late night food delivery business.

It's light entertainment and certainly fun to watch. This show certainly brought the trend of web series to the forefront.

With their spot on comic timing perfectly meshed with the right dose of emotions, this series still stands out in the genre of web series.

Their love story and their fights are what we've all been through. This 'mockumentary' follows an NGO, Better Life Foundation, and has strong impressions of early seasons of Parks and Recreation. This series is about a guy who moves to Mumbai to become an actor but is shocked when he finds out that his brother, a famous photographer, is gay.

This series is sweet and has quite a loyal fan base. No comparisons though, but this series is just packed with some great sarcastic one liners. The series is packed with humour and also discusses the nature of Section 377 and how the society needs to get over it. This hilarious comedy by Kenny Sebastian is exactly what is says in the title.