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I have a lot to offer another man but definitely not a sugar daddy - I can barely afford my expensive hobbies; I ride a LOT! A fun loving man, I'm currently looking out for a partner- with a long term in mind. I'm single and would like similar but younger looking for the same - and is dog friendly (I have a westie). My interests are pretty normal, like theatre a lot, much prefer opera, classical & musicals to pop, cinema and boardgames and more. Sexually I prefer all oral both giving and getting. Am an amateur photographer and like day trips for photo shoots.Masculine, hairy guy looking mostly for friends and fun. I prefer younger guys (at least legal age of course), but anyone is welcome to say hi. So all you settled cubs who want to check me out please come forward and ping me. However, that doesn't mean we can't be friends if things don't work between us. I write classical music as a hobby, love dinners out and in (especially for 2), homelife though I'm pretty untidy on my own; travel when I can, ... Semi retired from 30 years as a dietician/chef, Well educated with degrees in education, nutrition. I consider myself a fairly low maintenance person and although I harbor strong beliefs am reasonable and enjoy a good discussion from the ...I'm a ferocious butt fucking top and can go DOM in a quick second.I just want to fuck hot boybutt and I want to do it every day!

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Our inclusive view of gay daddies is that they are men who possess all the confidence and wisdom that only years of experience can give them.

They are at ease with their age and comfortable in their skin.

White Ribbon Day is part of an international campaign called The White Ribbon Campaign.

Designed especially with men in mind at the time, this was created by a handful of Canadian men in 1991 on the second anniversary of one man's massacre of fourteen women in Montreal.