Reese witherspoon dating jake gyllenhaal

So what stopped him from committing when he was in love? "I think I probably just got scared."Stern joked that it must be tough for Gyllenhaal to settle down when there are so many temptations around him on the Hollywood party scene."I think it's hard for everybody, but I also think at some point, you just decide to grow up," he said.

A.)Gyllenhaal, who will turn 29 on Saturday, and Witherspoon, 33, never talked publicly about their romance. I love it."Earlier this month, Gyllenhaal made headline news when he used the g-word while promoting his new movie, .

They also have children — daughters Ramona, 8, and 3-year-old Gloria — which Gyllenhaal has said he wants, too."I admire that relationship.

They're definitely a standard for me," he noted of his sitter and brother-in-law.

Indeed, sources say that her divorce and her kids were the two driving factors in the split.

"She felt pressured to wed again but she wasn't ready," an insider says.

Reese witherspoon dating jake gyllenhaal