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Most notable alumni include: Waleed Aly (The Project), Rove Mc Manus (Roving Enterprises), Hamish and Andy (Fox FM), Shona Devlin (JTV – Triple J), Tommy Little (This Week Live), Dave Thornton (This Week Live), Peter Helliar and many more.

RMITV has also had many crew members go on to work at the ABC, Network 10, Videoworks and Staging Connections.

RMITV is a not-for-profit, community access television production facility based at RMIT University City Campus in Melbourne, Australia.

It is a full member of the Melbourne Community Television Consortium; RMITV is a student run media production house based within RMIT University, with the majority of its funding granted by RMIT University Student Union (RUSU).

Program structure: 12 courses (144 credit points) comprises 08 core courses, 03 elective courses and 01 capstone.

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RMITV's Productions are not only limited to C31, many of RMITV's productions air on community stations all around Australia.

For example, Live on Bowen (2012–2015) which were broadcast on C31, Face Television - Sky Channel 083 (New Zealand), WTV (Perth) and 31 Digital (South East Queensland), Throughout its time RMITV has produced some of the most well known programs on Australian community television, including: The Loft Live, Under Melbourne Tonight, Chartbusting 80's, Raucous, Dawns Crack, PLUCK, Studio A and countless outside broadcasts.

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After originally lobbying for a public licence, similar to those seen in the American public television sector, RMITV was knocked back as public licences are not available in Australia.

They were then granted a licence to broadcast to private audiences in a 10 km radius of the RMIT City Campus. A week after a Channel 10 news report by Mal Walden about RMITV's upcoming open day 1987 broadcast the licence was cancelled. RMITV was also responsible for broadcasting ETV, a closed-circuit television system operated at the RMIT Campus in previous years.

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