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Elvis rose from a regional act to an international sensation through the promotional efforts of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

A former carnival pitchman, the wily Parker knew what drew customers into the big tent, even though Hollywood producers and New York talent agents were initially loath to take a chance on the swivel-hipped singer that he called “my attraction.” When Elvis first went to Los Angeles to make movies, he was embraced by the friends of his late hero, James Dean.

Two years later, he was arrested with five members of his entourage outside a Waffle House in Atlanta after getting into a scuffle with a male customer.

Rock was taken into custody on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery and was released that afternoon.

Kid Rock was born Robert James Ritchie on January 17, 1971, in Romeo, Michigan, a small rural town north of the Detroit metro area.

Once his singing catapulted him to the national stage in the late '50s, he would become one of the most photographed men of all time.This came only a month after he had brawled with the Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee — Pamela Anderson's other ex-husband — at the 2007 Video Music Awards (Lee later referred to Rock as a "jealous country bumpkin").Rock has also clashed with animal rights activists over his love of hunting and was a vocal supporter of Donald Trump in the 2017 presidential election.Four months later both he and Anderson filed for divorce.As for Kid rock's legal troubles, he had been charged with assaulting a DJ in a strip club in 2005.