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If you keep thinking about someone else, you are going to be emotionally unavailable to the person sitting across from you.

It won’t matter how great your date is, you won’t recognize it – all you’ll see is that he/she is not the one you’re missing.

And if you’re just out of an emotionally abusive relationship, chances are you’re still battling with self-esteem issues.

So, dealing with all the games that happen online, can set you back and cause you more harm than good, especially if you internalize it and believe that it’s all about you being judged and found lacking.

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Don’t get me wrong, online dating can be great and I’m sure there are a lot of fantastic people on these sites.

Instead, he chose to drink beer, play Xbox and talk on the headset to his friends.” And since you don’t like to put in a lot of effort, you probably have a few catch phrases that you send out to all your unsuspecting prey, phrases like, “Hey beautiful, how are u? Some of your targets have potential, or you got what you wanted right off the bat, other’s didn’t really buy what you were selling, so you keep some, throw the rest away, and put your bait back in the water, for the next fish, because you can never have enough and you can always find someone .

The problem with online dating, even for the non-narcissist, is that there’s so much choice.

There is, little to no, emotional investment in this type of catalogue dating.

It’s entirely superficial and it dehumanizes people.