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Back in the early beta period of SL, there was a prim type called a "spiral" (which may have looked similar to the cork-screw shape that can be made with rings) that was removed due to its impact on the physics engine. Shorthand for primitive, prims form the basis for the look and feel of second life.These are basic 3-D shapes that provide the basis for all other shapes, and are then texturized to provide a more realistic appearance of reality.There are full virtual libraries with BDSM books players can read.Each location for BDSM and fetish play in-world has its own set of rules players need to follow, or else they’ll be kicked out.They range from the restrictions Libertine mentioned to no typing in all caps, no trolling, no being rude, and more.It helps to keep the game a safe spot for everyone interested in the lifestyle.

The main thing that these shapes have in common, is a size limitation of 10 meters.

BDSM scene should be careful, though -- it’s a good idea to ask in-world where the best places are for your particular interest.

One player, Beth, mentioned that a lot of seedy places exist in the game, where people go to be ridiculed or abused.

People can feel threatened in those areas, but she says the number of positive, safe spaces vastly outnumber the negative.

I found that to be true as well; I happened into one location where I was degraded for having an ugly avatar, and then abandoned because I didn’t know the game quite as well as someone thought I should.