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When confronted by her parents about the matter, the girl admitted she had slept with the older boy, prompting her mother to report the incident to police.According to Swedish law, sex with anyone under the age of 15 is considered child rape, regardless of whether there was any threats or violence associated with the incident.The police did not release the name, age or sex of the victim or the suspect.After a 45-minute search, Totowa police found the suspect's car on Union Boulevard, arrested the suspect and took possession of the handgun used in the kidnapping. Clifton police declined to give further information regarding the kidnapping.I've loved the magazine ever since I could find it in my small town. So it hasn't turned into a middle-aged woman's magazine, but I do think some of the things we were more concerned with when we were younger have fallen a little by the wayside. and maybe the sex has gone down a little bit in terms of priority. (Laughs) Also, when we first started, we didn't even have ads.Then as we started to get ads, some advertisers actually started to complain that it was too raunchy.We just asked some women we knew at Nickelodeon to write some stories, and a bunch of people helped with the layout.We Xeroxed and stapled copies late at night after everybody left the office.

I feel like it's grown with I don't mention women's magazines a lot on the blog, mainly because I don't read them.So we did sort of tone some of that down — like, we used to put our sex and orgasm articles in the front of the magazine. So now we play "hide the sausage" and put it in the back.(Laughs)In the beginning, how DIY was the magazine? Debbie: (In the beginning) there were three of us — myself, Laurie and Marcelle Karp — and we were all working at Nickelodeon.It's impressive for any magazine to stay around for 20 years, but especially for the last couple decades. We do our events, our Craftaculars, we have a pretty strong online presence.How hard has it been to keep a print product going? But we love magazines, and I hope that never has to go away.