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As with the authors' and commenters' ideas, things seem to evolve, pan out, settle down, and are tossed back into the blender of 21St and below century comedy. So my early training was that white boys are make for take Black Seed. As I got older I started to cruise the Adult Book Stores Looking for Black Dick to suck off occasionally I would meet a Black Guy and he would stick his Black Dick thru the Glory Hole and I would fall to my knees and suck his BBC off and swallow his Black Seed!But most of the time it was some white guy looking to be blown or wanting to blow me, Witch I was not interested in, I wanted Black Dick So I would go to the worst areas and find a Adult Book store, There was one Adult Book store I went to The area was so bad that you enter the door And the clerk would check you out and than buzz you thru another door to get in, The place smelled like piss and Black Cum the smell would hit you as so as you enter the door, But i knew I would be able to find Black Dick to suck off there, Than one night I was sucking this Black Guy off thru the hole, When He pulled his Black Dick out and brought his lips over to the hole and said Give me that Ass boy, So I dropped my pants and pulled my under wear down and backed my ass up to the Glory Hole And I felt His Black Dick enter my ass and slide right in, He was fucking me so hard that the wall was moving and than I felt his Black Dick Start to swell and than He filled me with his Black Cum, The Black Guy had showed me some thing new I could be a Ass boy at the Book Store Now I had learned that no Black Guys want to see my Little dick so I Started to wear Jock Strap at all times Now I would go to the Book Store and drop my pants, And the Black Guy would see thru the Hole that I was wearing nothing but a Jock Strap And know what I wanted, I would move my finger to the hole And there would be a Black Dick for me sometime it would be hard but most of the time I had to give him some lip service and then when it was Fully Hard I would back my ass up to the Hole And than I would be used as a Cum Dump to take there Black Seed I would stay there for hours Taking Black Dick.He said that's the purpose of having a Cock Cage on you so you look like a feminized slave, Than He closed the door and He than left and when to work Pretty soon I could hear the door open and I could feel people touching me, A Finger when up my Hole that was replace by a Black Dick when he shot his Load another Black Dick enter me this went on all night, With a few breaks where I was all alone I thought, Than I would feel a splash of cum hit my body and I knew someone was there jerking off By the end of the night I had been breed by A lot of Black Guys, The Black janitor came in at the end He was moping the floor I could smell the pine sol he was using to clean the floor When He got to cleaning the floor around me, He must of been horny because I felt the janitor enter me he pumped His Black Dick in me a few time and said give me some head Bitch He unhooked my hands and I fell to the floor, He took the Hood off my head and removed the Mouth Gag and said hurry up Bitch and give me some Head, That Black Dick smelled bad But I went down on Him and give Him the best lip service possible He shot his load in my mouth About that time the Black Clerk came back, He said He was done and was really to close the Book store, The Black Clerk grab me by the Collar and dragged me out to the front of the store, He said you you did good tonight, I doubled my money tonight with Pimping you out, Born to be a real Slut, Than The Black Clerk said that I needed to be Bred more, He recommended that I get bred by more Black Men!He said the Breeding doesn't all ways take, That sometime I needed to have more Breeding sessions He said , And that I would be turned into a real life Sex Slave, The Black Clerk than told me to come back Sat night, He told me to take the Leather out fit home with me, I asked him for the keys to unlock the Collar and unlock the Cock Cage He said No, That it was part of my Breeding Progress, I felt dirty, I did not go back to that Book Store again I had that Collar and Cock Cage on for almost a month, After that When a Black Guy would see me I would get a Look like You Want This Black Dick don't you Slave and I would check out his BBC in his pants and be for I knew it, I was on my knees Sucking him off, Or taking His Black Dick up the ass, The Breeding by Black Men had worked !