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For the fourth and subsequent sessions I will meet with both partners together.I develop a customized treatment plan for each couple that takes into account your needs, goals, and schedules.Prior to starting couples therapy, I am happy to speak with you on the phone to get a brief understanding of your situation, give you a sense of my therapeutic style and determine if I am a good match for your needs.We will then meet at my office in Nantucket, Massachusetts.Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a well-validated, structured approach that is designed to help couples understand and respond effectively to each other’s needs.It is a collaborative model based on adult attachment theory, with the premise that we all want to be loved, to be understood and to know that we matter to our partner.“If we’re going to talk about the ‘hookup culture’ specific to Harvard, it isn’t about people wanting to hook up, it’s about time commitments, it’s about people being too busy dating themselves,” a Harvard senior woman said.“Something creates ‘hookup culture’ and that’s what actually makes dating hard.” At an academically rigorous school like Harvard, students are typically focused on coursework and future careers.

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Couples therapy is designed to help both of you become effective listeners and to learn how to communicate your own needs in a productive way so that you can bring connection, joy and passion back into your partnership.

“I think it depends on what social circles you’re in that determines whether or not you’re plugged into whatever ‘hookup culture’ is.” “Hookup culture,” rather than being a monolithic phenomenon occurring on college campuses nationwide, has as many nuances and complications as, well, any collection of human relationships.

Much depends on a particular campus or school along with the people who attend.

I primarily practice Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), a three-stage process that helps couples learn to de-escalate conflict, understand their emotions, create effective patterns of communication with one another, and rebuild their emotional and physical closeness with one another.

In addition, I draw upon my training as a psychodynamic clinician to recognize and process underlying dynamics, barriers to intimacy, and sexual challenges, as well as using my cognitive behavioral training to teach communication strategies.