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I really sorry youre hurting You dont have to be one of those and we have bad experiences and we all do it can be easy to become jaded. Value yourself and respect yourself first and foremost. Get your angst out here, talk it out and know this: Its all going to be ok.

Seven minutes later, Erin Mc Lean called police to report her husband had shot the teen.

The assailant fled, abandoning his car at the high school, but was found two days later carrying the shotgun police believe was used to kill Powell.

Im hurting like fuck from all of this Ive become one of those. He was so kind hearted, he’s the last person in the world you’d expect to hurt somebody.” Mc Lean was finishing his studies at the University of Tennessee in hopes of becoming a high school band director, relatives said.According to Norman Mc Lean, the suspect’s father, his son had put his own academic career on hold to support his wife while she pursued a graduate teaching degree at the university. But I can personally only take so much,” Norman Mc Lean said.Erin Mc Lean “preyed on” her son and teased him with talk of marriage,” Flynn said. The teacher repeatedly tried to contact her son, she said.“She text messaged him things like, ‘I love you,’ ‘Please come home,’ ‘You’re beautiful,’ ” Flynn said.