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He stated “I say NO MORE because of our daughters, wives, sisters, mothers and grandmothers.

Nobody should live in fear.” Alcosan promoted the pledge in various ways to reach employee and stakeholders.

Hannah: I moved to Pittsburgh four years ago for university.

I spent my first two years relatively isolated from the queer community – I went to a politically apathetic tech school (no names mentioned!

Mc Kain and Allegheny County Department of Human Services Director Marc Cherna.

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Pittsburgh became the first city in Pennsylvania to participate in the Father’s Day Pledge in 2014, and the first downtown Pittsburgh public signing event was held in 2015.

So I view today as an important first step.” More than 60 Koppers employees were in attendance. Ball invited his counterparts, more than 20 corporate and community leaders, to step up and sign the Pledge.

Douglas Jackson, director of operations and maintenance at Alcosan, was one of the leaders who stepped up to take the pledge.

[…] This is something you think could never happen to you or your family,” he said.

Pittsburgh City Council President Bruce Kraus spoke along with Allegheny County Manager William D.

Sex dating in churchill pennsylvania