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Take an intelligent view of what to expect at your first party.

At your first-ever event, be sure to tell people you speak to that you are first-timers.If it does not specify “couples only” or “no single men”, the laws of economics mean that numbers of single men are sure to find their way in. If it is in a house, there will probably be fewer people but drinks are usually free and there are likely to be beds upstairs.If it is in commercial premises, such as a nightclub or bar, they can hold more people; they are usually more conveniently located; there is likely to be a paybar but there are not likely to be beds.CLUB ASSHOLE IS A GAY FUCK CLUB IN LONDON WE ARE NOW CHANGING TO A MIXED SEX CLUB, SO ALL SWINGING SINGLES AND COUPLES, GAY BI OR STRAIGHT CAN NOW COME TO THE MOST UNIQUE SWINGING CLUB IN THE UK. BRING YOUR OWN ALCOHOL ), TABLES, CHAIRS AND PORN SCREEN. A couple who went to this club would know exactly what they were getting for their money.BASEMENT3 BIG INTERCONNECTING ROOMS, SMALL DUNGEON, CAGE, CROSS, SPANKERS BENCH, FUCK BOXES AND TOILETS. However, in our experience there are very few young female professionals who are attracted to this sort of environment, however keen on swinging they may be.