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I used the adorably cute tags from somewhatsimple and only changed a few of the actual prizes.Our “Most Likely to Succeed” got some Smarties, “Best Hair” took home a comb, “Best Smile” got some toothpaste, “Class Clown” received Laffy Taffy, “Most Athletic” some sponge balls, “Best Dressed” went away with hangers, “Best Eyes” had a funny face disguise with glasses, and the “Best Couple” won a pack of Sweetarts.

He finally manages to corner Shoop, and blackmails him into taking the job or risk losing tenure.At the end of the night, everyone got to take their photo home as a memento.(These are so easy to do thanks to Jostens, just upload a photo of each guest and then you can adjust as needed.I really wanted to wear my old pep club uniform, but being 8 months pregnant just wouldn’t allow for that!Thankfully, we have awesome friends that go all out for these dates and made us laugh! Scott and Laura didn’t send in their own photos but rather made posters including such memorobilia as their letters, tassles, and student ID!