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Dodge’s 1977 trucks were part of the progression of trucks from pure commercial vehicles to passenger car replacements; they had a wide range of convenience features, new colors, and a new grille for light duty pickups and sport utility vehicles.

The company still sold big trucks — commercial tractor-trailer units — and campers and motor homes, as well. Kline, Chrysler’s manager of truck sales, estimated that four-wheel drive vehicles would end up being half of sales between 19.

Dodge added swivel high back bucket driver and passenger seat option in the 1977 Royal Sportsman and Royal Sportsman SE, Tradesman van and Street Van; and a quick release mechanism for wagon bench seats, along with more comfortable bench seats.

The Dodge Warlock, with its fancy wheels, fat tires, bucket seats, authentic oak sideboards, and unique stripes, was originally a show vehicle idea.

The Warlock had chrome plated running boards, black interiors accented by gold tape on the dash and the doors, and a “tuff” steering wheel.

Outside, they had solid oak sideboards above the box, with gold accents.

Few changes were made from the show car to the production truck — the biggest being removal of the roll bar.

The Macho Packages had sporty wheels and tires, paint treatments, stripes, and graphic lettering on the sides and tailgates — with 10-15 LT-B tires, and either chrome disc or painted spoke wheels.