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I had a basketball scholarship and was the salutatorian of my high school, but after that whole scene played out, he told me I wasn't "fit" to set an example for anyone, and I [wasn't allowed] to give my speech or accept my awards at graduation.

That was the hardest thing for me because I had worked so hard for all of my grades and my achievements.

My dad didn't let me go off to college for my basketball scholarship either, because "[only] lesbians play sports." So I started going to [my town's] community college, and that's where I met my first real girlfriend.

One day, I came home after class because my dad said he wanted to talk.

My parents made me go to "straight" counseling, and I did all of that because I was scared.

But I wasn't really changing—the counseling wasn't working.

I hope through sharing my story, someone out there who needed to hear it now knows they are not alone.

She eventually graduated from the University of Houston with a biology degree.

She won three gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia on 26 January 2009.They just drove me to the campus where I was attending school and they dropped me off in the parking lot. The emotion and honesty in her delivery was almost palpable.And it was also, quite possibly, the sound of a star being born.He basically said he had heard a rumor about me dating this girl, but he knew it wasn't true.But I knew, at that moment, I could not live a lie any longer. My dad then told me I had two options: I could start going to counseling again, or if I "choose" to be this way, that I was history to them.