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I cabinet I had brought was also in the room as was a few scatted odds and ends.The camera's necessary to record the subjects suffering and degradation were situated in two corners on tripods, they could be zoomed and manipulated by two more guards behind a two-way mirror.Personally I would have much preferred to bring in other photographers with better cameras and a sense of what I was looking for, but again, this was not the time to push."Remove the restraints and her clothing , secure her to the two cuffs suspended from the overhead bar" I ordered, making sure the cameras were on and recording.Her pussy was tight and neatly laid out, that was good."Get me that flogger on the left, no no, the flogger, the one next to that, yes that one" I ordered the fool of a guard. , I admit my crimes, You have already shamed me enough! She was still under the impression she was wanted to confess and then she would be thrown into a prison, on some assignments I had done in the past that might have been the case, but not this one.

When I stopped and had her taken down she collapsed in a sobbing heap. Although it may not have hurt as much as the torture of her tits, being caned across the ass for many a girl triggers a certain response, that of being punished.

I had been provided two Taliban guards to assist me that first day, loyal to the cause they were not professionals in this sort of thing, they looked mildly uncomfortable.

The chamber itself was not bad but could be much improved, adjustable chains affixed with leather cuffs hung from above, shackles were available along one wall, a mattress was in one corner and a large wooden X was bolted to another wall.

Her legs were nice enough I noted as I circled her and her ass nice and heavy but well shaped and firm.

I cupped her pussy from behind allowing the camera to get a shot of her panicking face.