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I liked it when the router worked instantly without much effort, but I was willing to go in and do things like change the admin password or enable router security, once I was convinced by my geeky friends just how dangerous an unsecured router could be (even though my nearest neighbors are the occasional deer and maybe a chipmunk.)I first started actually poking around in that Link Sys router when I discovered that a neighbor – a person visiting the area from Texas for the summer – was in fact stealing my Wireless signal.

It’s not a good feeling – but I quickly closed up that security hole.

“It’s best for us (and for the product) if we’re able to work with those users to address those issues rather than just have them stay on an outdated version of the software that might have one feature working, but wouldn’t receive updated apps/features.” That said, a reader recently called our attention to a Boxee user forum thread containing details on how to locate, download, and install all major Boxee Box firmware releases.

Based on the contents of that thread, from the Boxee user forum’s “Super Moderator” Darcilicious, we’ve compiled the following list of previous Boxee Box firmware versions, descriptions, and download links.

I don’t have any actual data in my log yet because I use my router as a secondary rather than a primary.

However if you are running DD-WRT as your primary router – this tool can really come in handy for recognizing patterns – are your kids downloading torrents on certain days of the week? This tool may not tell you why your traffic is spiking on certain days, but it’ll certainly show you how much it’s spiking and when.

Close(); con = new Ole Db Connection("Provider = Microsoft. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source = c:\mdb\testmdb.mdb"); cmd = new Ole Db Command(); cmd. Command Text = "update Table1 set [Info] = @Info, [text] = @text where ID = @ID;"; cmd. At the same time, I started digging around and discovered that I could do some pretty cool things with that router, like port forwarding, Internet filtering, and setting up Qo S with high priority for my own PC!Of course, it wasn’t only until very recently that I decided to recover a bricked Linksys by loading it up with the DD-WRT firmware.The beauty of this is that it’s all logged, historical data, so you can do your analysis any time, unlike real-time data where you have to sit there and watch the traffic live, waiting for spikes.Speaking of monitoring, you can also see all active users connected to your wireless network by clicking on the “Wireless” tab and scrolling down to the “Clients” area.