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Swathes of Victorian architecture give a distinctly European feel, and the city’s iconic tram system adds to its charm.Getting around To get around Melbourne with ease, purchase a myki: a smart card that gets you access to the buses, trams and trains.With paths turned into half-covered tunnels by metal ribs that are covered in floral decoration and trees and vegetation merging with modern architecture, it's a unique space, with a lively riverbank, a wooden pagoda and terrific markets on the weekend.

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Head to the Queensland Cultural Centre for a taste of Brisbane's ultra-modern side.Hidden gems It may be a way down the river and a few kilometres from the city centre, but it's essential to take in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.Nearly a century old, the site's 130-odd koalas make this the first and biggest koala sanctuary.For something completely different, visit the Buddhist temple in Brisbane.The traditional Chinese complex was built in the early 1990s and is stunning.