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Ask anyone who knows a Capricorn man, and they'll tell you he is ambitious, determined and down to earth.

Success is his end-game, no matter what he sets his heart or mind to.

Still, the more available you are to him, the more available he'll be to you.He likes to think of his partner as his own prize, and he doesn't want her to show interest in anyone else.He's also a bit traditional in that he's not into public displays of affection.We see an important encounter in the crystal ball today and some new seduction far, far away. Those of you from the first decade can discover feelings of bared souls rather than bodies. Look at yourself in the mirror and interrogate yourself; what are you really looking for? Once this situation is over, our minds and hearts are ready to undertake a new journey, this time as a couple! Click below for advice and small suggestions which are personalised for you by Singles Love Horoscopes! Prepare a delicious dinner for your other half or write sweet nothings to someone you have not yet conquered. If you want to show yourself off to someone you like, watch out you don't come across as being too confident. For those of you of the first decade, the opportunity that you've been waiting for to start up a fairy tale romance could arise. Tonight have a relaxing bath with essential oil of mint to develop your charm. Are you wondering why you should consult Singles Love Horoscopes? Before this moment, some time alone is needed to get to know ourselves, our tastes, what we like and don't like. Let yourself be accompanies day after day by our Singles Love Horoscopes.