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Her voice was breathy and tired and kind of in shock.She told me the first hand account of getting out and it was a life-changing harrowing experience.I even tried to grow a fig tree in my yard that promised to be 'cold hardy'. No coupon needed, but you'll need to download the app, log into your Rewards account, and sign up today to get this freebie. Try on a bra at a participating Victoria Secret store and get a free gift, either a panty up to .50, or a free liquid lip color.Go here and scroll down for the store list, and what each store is giving away.They saw the woman who was stranded by her car and stopped to pick her up. When they finally were out of the fire, I think all 3 were in shock. That was when the 2 Coast Guard brothers found them. They had to again evacuate yesterday afternoon and this time they are 45 minutes from the fire, on the coast.

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She has lingering respiratory issues from having had Valley Fever when they lived in Arizona.

After their neighbor woke them and told them to evacuate, they did get dressed, grabbed their medications and Dad's hearing aids and the cat Lucy.

As they pulled out of the driveway, the wood fence next to their house was on fire.

It was a thrill for a girl raised on fresh figs from my grandparent's tree in Pasadena.

We don't get fresh figs here, except sometimes from Costco. Today only get a free Halloween Doughnut at Krispy Kreme.