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I have had no technical issues with this model, however my relative experienced a problem with his- it is made by the same manufacturer, so I thought I would mention it here - I simply visited the Cobra website and downloaded the firmware update, transferred that to his camera and all was well.I would recommend doing that if you have problems with this one. All in all, I'm very pleased with it and it works well.You do not have to look through your footage and delete things individually as the loop recording function automatically cycles through old footage if you have not chosen to save it.The G-sensor can also trigger the camera to save a clip any time there is a sudden impact or change of direction.

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• Dual camera system for high resolution view of the front and back of your car• 160 degree viewing angle on the front camera to capture a clear view of the road ahead• Two-inch LCD screen for clear playback of footage• Records directly to a class 10 Micro SD card (16GB included in the box, 64GB max)• Snapshot feature allows you to take a screenshot of any frame during video playback• Audible warnings for lane departure and advanced collision warning to keep you safe while driving• Split screen viewing allows you to view footage from both cameras at the same time• ‘Action cam’ mode allows you to remove the camera from your car and use it as an action cam by disabling the G-Sensor and loop recording• Flexible mounting options make it easy to position in your car Flexible and functional The Cobra CDR895 dash cam has a front and rear camera unit so that you can record an entire sequence of events and tell the full story.You can also download Cobra’s very own Drive HD Player to view both front and rear camera footage at the same time.The software also allows you to combine and/or trim video clips to be easily shared with other people.One of the CDR895’s special features is its flexible mounting options.With this, you can mount the rear camera on your front windshield facing in or mount it on the rear windshield facing out to capture the road behind you.