Type radiation used carbon dating

For example, one-step decays to stable daughters are completed by the radiogenic isotopes Pb, a stable daughter.

Using empirical data, it is possible to statistically forecast what percentage of a radioisotope's popoulation will decay over a given period of time.

Results of such studies are most effeective if enough time has passed to let a substantial amount of the daughter product grow (perhaps 10%), and are of limited use if morethan six half-lives have passed (because not enough of the parent material remains to study).

Radioactive isotopes (also called , which is an electron, or negatively charged nuclear particle.For example, metamorphic processes can "reset" radiometric clocks.If daughter products are noble gases - for example, Ar or Rn - loss of the daughter product can occur as the gases diffuse from minerals.Three isotopes of uranium occur in nature: U-238 (99.3% of all U in natural systems), U-235 (0.7%), and U-234 (0.005%).All of them are naturally-occuring radiogenic isotopes, and (as we have seen above) begin decay chains with geologically long half-lives.