Updating avg 7 5 to 8 0 who is bachelor brad womack dating now

Better than the one in Win XP for it doesn't leave renamed files/folders. If you are using AVG 7.5 FREE, then you can save the update files to your computer (found on the AVG website) and under the Tools tab choose "update from directory" to install the updates.

if i were you, i would remove avg 7.5 from the add or remove programs, and then install avg 8.0! i did, and it worked just fine, but avg 8.0 has this reminder at the bottom of the screen saying "update to avg internet secuirty" but as long as avg does ant-virus and spyware!

I like AVG so I will be updating it to version 8.0, but I've decided that I am going to wait until I can no longer receive updates for the 7.5 version.

There is no reason you shouldn't - it now includes AVG's Anti-Spyware application embedded aswell (This use to be a subscription program! Also, the Spyware Blaster issue should be fixed soon - it already is for the pay version.

My organization does not want to spend money on another tech machine, as this site has only 3 clients.

updating avg 7 5 to 8 0-35

Sounds like enough reason to wait until 7.5 is totally *dead* before deciding to update (or switch).

Might be a good idea for anyone that may be leary of updating to 8.0 to do the same.

Oh, just a side note, if you don't want the yahoo toolbar that is offered in the 8.0 version, then untick the box!

I just purchased on a renewal basis a 5-user 2 year licence network for AVG anti-virus only as an extension for my 7.5 which was running on all my home machines.

One machine is running W2K and the rest are all XP Pro..