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A group of motherboard enthusiasts working for GIGABYTE, sharing their insider knowledge and general ramblings of the motherboard business, the tech industry, latest technologies and trends, and other random odds and ends.Seeing that GIGABYTE has announced a new BIOS for X79 series users I thought it might be useful to just revisit the job of actually updating your motherboard’s BIOS.It was a black screen with a bit of blue at the top with gigabyte UEFI dual bios written on it. I hadn't removed the RAM, GPU or CPU at this point just the silly cables. It's been running fine for 4 days, slowly building up the drivers and updates, able to get into the bios, confirmed F14 was installed on it and it's still detecting everything correctly - then today it's gone back to the black screen AGAIN!I've contacted support from the retailer and gigabyte and not had much luck solving it: Can't flash it again because of corruption. I booted up and SP1 was waiting if that's possibly relevant.The only reference I found is: but it's about a different task. The options I can see in the BIOS interface are: UEFI boot: enable/disable (D)PXE ROM: enable disable (D)Boot Option 1,2, ...(you can switch hdd and cd-rom, by default nothing else)Hard Drive BBS Priorities CD/DVD ROM Drive BBS Priorities(you can select witch hdd and cd-rom)[Add New Boot Option]Delete Boot Option(allows you to delete custom entry deiveces)These are the BIOS updates, are they worth the hassle?

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It said this was successful but after that I just got a corrupt bios screen whenever I tried to get into the bios, use Qflash(any of the bios options on boot), although the machine could boot and function fine. Was getting ready to RMA it, took all the cables off (CPU fans, Power LEDs etc) - Then had to put them all back in as my 3TB drive isn't recognised in my old system and I needed to back some data up.LAN) or they seemed to be only for Windows 8 anyway.To be on the safe side, especially if you are having issues, its recommended installing all the drivers. the Gigabyte Brix was named after Colin Brix, who is a marketing director at Gigabyte's Motherboard Business Unit.So for example, in the case of our new X79 series BIOS updates, the latest version for these boards is currently version F7.The file that you download from us is a self-executable 7-Zip file (basically a compressed folder containing several files).