Updating list items in sharepoint

you need to know the List Item Entity Type Full Name of the list items before hand. If you do not specify the List Item Entity Type Full Name, you get this error Here is are a couple of quick gists I have put together to show how we can create and update list items without specifying the List Item Entity Type Full Name.

Runtime.dll" #Variables for Processing $Site Url = "https://crescent.sharepoint.com/" $List Name="Projects" $User Name="[email protected]" $Password ="Password goes here" #Setup Credentials to connect $Credentials = New-Object Microsoft. Share Point Online Credentials($User Name,(Convert To-Secure String $Password -As Plain Text -Force)) #Set up the context $Context = New-Object Microsoft. Recently, in one of my projects there was a requirement to create a Share Point list workflow that triggers when an item is created, and that should result in creating a new list item on another Share Point list which is created on some other Share Point instance.When the update is performed the new or existing List item ID will be returned to Think Automation.The Share Point Update List Item activity not only supports updating one or more list items in a specific Microsoft Share Point list, but also updating list items across Microsoft Share Point sites that each list has the same name and column names with the same sequence order.