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This group is charged with reviewing and approving all retention schedules formulated by the Records Custodian and the Records Manager.The committee contains representatives from the following departments (in most cases it is the department director who sits on the committee): In most cases approval is quickly granted and the retention schedule approved.REMINDER: No records should be retained at Fredonia past their retention period unless they still serve a LEGAL, OPERATIONAL, or HISTORIC value to the institution.Last updated June 2017 The following is a compilation of state laws that AVMA research has identified governing the retention of veterinary records.A clearly defined plan for record retention and disposition is a vital component of a complete records management program.

RML's will work directly with Amy Beers, Campus Records Management Officer, to assure proper retention and disposition of their records.

The following information is on the retention schedule: IMPORTANT NOTE: Retention periods are usually measured from the actual date of the material itself, not the date the material was transferred to Records Management.

However, Records Management also measures retention periods based on key event dates, such as Contract Close, Class Year, Graduation Date, Grant Period, etc.

Records eligible for disposal should be destroyed in a secure manner.

Preferred methods of destruction include shredding and thermal destruction.

Updating records retention schedules in nyc