Updating roster on madden 09 ps3 problems with archaeological dating

***************************** ******************************* ********** never heard of printing a game cover, or is it just me?

They'll probably make a printable custom cover like they did a couple years ago. From the article: "**We do not plan to re-issue packaging, but WILL offer a free downloadable cover in the coming days on featuring Brett Favre in a Jets uniform.

Which is very disappointing in my opinion because the only way for all of you to get draft classes at this point would be to make them yourself through NCAA Football 10 sadly. More updates coming soon-king 07/19/2009The time has come!

Stephen Totilo reports: "Quarterback Brett Favre will be available to play as a New York Jet on the day "Madden NFL '09" is released next week.Once I get my PS3 fixed I will upload my roster to my PSN: "kingrosters".But for the time being I would suggest using one of the rosters over at operationsports they 100% free as well.Now is that just for the first batch or are they going to continue making the game with the green bay uniform? And of course with my horrible luck this happened before I could finish the last few teams and upload the rosters.