Updating your cv

If you are interested in jobs in other countries we encourage you to visit the national websites.If you register your CV in Sweden your profile is active for 4 months and you may extend the period by updating your profile. Please read Important when applying before registering your CV.If the discussion centered around your interest in design, the last thing you’d want to do is leave that off just so that you can list every single bullet point of your first gig out of college.

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By registering your resume and CV you make your profile available for our internal recruiters.In this case, drill down to what you’re trying to emphasize.In other words, if you want to be seen as a people-oriented marketer, you’ll keep jobs that relate to PR and connecting with others.Or, it might be that the overall order and flow makes sense, but now you have one too many positions to fit on a page.You squeezed and cut all you could to get your resume down the last time—and now you’re trying to add more information!