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If you can’t install i Tunes on your Windows PC, or if you see “error 2” or "Apple Application Support was not found" after you install the software, follow the steps below in order.If you see a different error when trying to launch i Tunes, learn how to fix unexpected quits or launch issues.You should re-boot your computer to install them (after which the display will show how many updates have been applied out of the total) – or if your computer is locked, it will automatically power down and you will have to start it up to install the updates.Do not interrupt updates by unplugging or restarting the computer.

They also detect which of their manufacturers’ other programs you are running on your device and provide updates to these as well.If your Windows system is working sufficiently well, you can just follow the section on What to Back Up.If your system has had an adware or spyware infection removed, or you have uninstalled certain anti-virus products, you may find that the machine will no longer successfully connect to the internet.If your machine starts OK using this option, no further action may be needed.on the Advanced Options Menu, Windows will attempt to start up in a special mode where only its most basic components are loaded.