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Take time as you sit together, cook together, eat together, travel together to voice your dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the relationship.Just do it in a calm fashion, tone of voice is about half of the communication so pay attention to your tone.Reassure her that you’re happy (if you are) with the overall relationship; you just want one or two things to change.When she has the mic be an active listener, don’t look around or just sit there, and don’t say “uh uh” every few seconds. Most women I know think a man comes off as a wimp when he starts every sentence off with “I’m sorry.” Don’t apologize for not agreeing with her, don’t apologize for wanting to watch the game (unless it’s during her grandmothers funeral) Not only will you over use “sorry” but it won’t have the same impact when you really mean it.

Even if you truly have no idea where you want to eat just say the first place that pops into your mind.

There was only a limited number of options and you could not get very far. Playing on IE :( Not sure what all the complaints are about, some nice walkthroughs typed already and they all worked for me. I am sure I didn`t explore everything (I got ending 2) but was fun enough. Then let her change into something for hot weather. She will not change after you ask her to wear bikini first and you will get stuck. There are only a few endings and few ways to get there.

Good game play need more defined areas for her options which would eliminate some of the confusion I suppose. This makes the game short, easy, and have low replay value. I don`t know if I`m doing something wrong, the reason why I am saying this is because instead of a game, which in my definition means something that is playable, all I get is a screen that says "Hello null.

If she starts crying during a cat commercial because the cat is “just so fluffy,” the smart thing to do is simply put your arm around her and attempt to put yourself in her shoes.

Is she suffering from PMS, did her cat just die, or did she forget to take her meds?