Voicemail dating

Very few guys will be willing to tease a girl or give her a flirty nickname.

Believe me, I can understand; I’ve been there enough times, when the adrenaline surges as you’re punching the numbers and you heart pounds as the phone rings and you find yourself silently praying for a voice mail instead of a live voice on the other line.

You will also sound much more confident; you won’t be as stiff and formal as you would be with someone you barely know, nor will you sound needy or try-hard by attempting to impress her. Well to start with, you allow for multi-threaded conversations.

Instead of dogmatically holding onto one conversational topic, you let the conversation flow and twist in any direction it might naturally go and onto subjects you might try to avoid if you were attempting to impress someone.

Family, your best friend, other girls you’re seeing, platonic female friends…

you want to talk to someone you feel at ease with, someone you can have an easy-going flowing conversation with.