What men look for in online dating

Things that have stopped scanning to me as specifically Texan, which must mean I’m fully reintegrated now. These days, what snags my attention on dating sites is one of those guys so crackling with personality that you can just feel it on the page. Our guy expert, Lodro Rinzler, reached out to men across the country to ask what they were worried about when looking at your online dating profile.Here's what guys think women might lie about online: Your Looks The number one thing the guys polled think a woman might lie about on her online dating profile is her looks.(Ooh, Tumblr idea: “Don Draper’s selfies.” You’re welcome, internet.) Perhaps most baffling among these ill-considered photos is the ubiquitous profile picture snapped in the front seat of a car. But this can’t-be-bothered quality can be seen in Dallas men’s wardrobe as well.As everyone knows, nothing flatters like a seat belt. I’ve written about this before, as it stands in such contrast to the wedding-cake ornamentation of our city’s ladies.But put all these data points together and you start to see the outline of your typical Dallas guy.I asked a gay friend from Brooklyn to evaluate Dallas men on Ok Cupid, and he saw one more quality: sincerity. (If you want to stand out on Dallas dating sites, say that you are an atheist.) He looked at gay men, too, and described Dallas gays as “clean-shaven and well-moisturized.” There were other things he noticed, too: hunting and fishing and trucks. Dallas is a big city, and we do have plenty of artsy weirdos here, too.

Your Interest in Sports If a woman says how much she loves a sport, a man might be suspicious about whether she is just trying to appeal to how much he loves that sport.

I am using "looks" as an umbrella term here that covers everything from your height to your weight to your body type to you using a photo of yourself from five years ago.

Also, please note that a picture of just your face tells us that you either don't have a nice body or you don't like the body you have. Your Age "I've definitely gone out with women who say they're 25 but are actually 29," said Eddie.

If a woman says she loves a specific team or calls out a particular player as her favorite, he tends to be less skeptical.

How Successful You Are "I think some women want to project high aspirations even if they aren't successful right now," said Eric.