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But script-wise, of course I'm really excited about the fight scene. There was a lot of baseball, because there's a baseball scene. Bella [Stewart] realizes that there's danger being involved with vampires, and we go out to this clearing to play baseball, and it's superhuman and fun, and that's where the bad vampires first enter the story. I'm actually pitching overhand fastballs, so you can imagine someone who has never thrown a ball in her life! We weren't sure if we were going to have to use a double, but I'm getting to do it, and that's what we are actually shooting today. MTV: Are you even getting it over the plate, or are balls just flying all over the place? She could definitely be an evil, menacing, dark character, but she's not. And straight out of that mental institution, she comes to this family that just adores her and loves her.

Then we did wire-work, and a lot of stuff to get us into the feeling of moving like a vampire. Greene: They were like, 'It's OK if it doesn't go in the right spot,' but I've surprised myself out there the last few days. And everything is great, and she has everything she could ask for, and she's got her soul mate, Jasper.

(For more from Greene — including a bit of casting news — head to the MTV Movies Blog.) The actress was eager to talk about her new gig and reveal some major plot developments from the upcoming movie. We're shooting outside, and we are ready to move on to the next shot. We're in Oregon, but we go back and forth to Washington, because there are a few sets.

And she also had a little something to say about throwing fastballs, sucking blood, fan acceptance and backlash and the only controversy you're ever likely to hear involving Rachael Leigh Cook. MTV: At what point did you become aware of the "Twilight" phenomenon?

Ten years later, Esme found herself pregnant while married to an abusive husband.

She ran away, attempting to birth the child on her own.

Carlisle created Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett while Jasper and Alice were created by other vampires.

Greene: Well, I have to create a whole vision in my head, an actual one.

There's a couple of different scenes where I have visions, and they've filmed them a couple different ways, so I'm not sure how they are going to do it. I'm flattered that they think that, and I think the whole cast is gorgeous, and everyone has their different opinions of everyone.

He lived with the Volturi for a while, but ultimately decided his "vegetarian" ways weren't a good fit for the coven and he headed to the United States.

His physical age is 23.(played by Elizabeth Reaser in the movies)Esme Platt was born in 1895 in Columbus, Ohio, where Carlisle first met her when he treated her for a broken leg at the age of 16.