Who is alison mosshart dating

When Mosshart eventually returned to the US, the pair corresponded, sending tapes to each other and making the odd phone call.

On her return to Britain, she shared flats with Hince in various parts of London.

In much the same way that Moss’s troubled ex Pete Doherty’s band Babyshambles benefited from his chaotic and impassioned relationship with Moss, the Kills are no longer just championed by devotees of their Velvet Underground-inspired sound.

Noted for their intense onstage chemistry Hince and Mosshart, however, have shied away from whether they were “an item”.

“When you sign with Domino, you’re really making a statement about your art and what’s important to you as an artist,” he has said, rather grandiosely.

How Hince and Mosshart met also feeds conveniently into their romanticised idea of the world.

Mosshart is said to have voiced concerns over the model and has made it clear she is not about to let Moss muscle in on their music-making in the way she did with Doherty, when the supermodel would regularly sing with him at gigs.

The story goes that Mosshart was staying in the flat below Hince’s in north London when she heard him playing the guitar.

She liked it, they eventually met, realised they had shared obsessions with the doomed Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick and the Velvet Underground, and a band was formed.

“But he was always an enigma wrapped up in a ball of wool.

The more distorted the picture of who he was, the more rock ’n’ roll it was.” After Scarfo, Hince continued to plug away with his music and eventually he formed the Kills with Florida-born Mosshart.